Chosokabe Mon Zazzle merchandise in the store

I recently added some Chosokabe Mon Zazzle merchandise to my store with he help of the quick create facility of Zazzle. The reason is that I really want to put more products in the store and maybe create a bit more revenue. Quick create of Zazzle allows for the creation of a whole range of products in one go. One of the results is this example:

Vintage Green Chosokabe Japan Mon Graphic Trucker Hat
Vintage Green Chosokabe Japan Mon Graphic Trucker Hat
by ejkaal

Earning a steady income from Zazzle is more difficult then I previous thought. I did some research in order to find some successful Zazzle sellers and I found one particular seller on which I’ll blog perhaps later. A couple of things I found out was that to be successful you really need more products than a couple of hundreds, more likely in the thousands is desired.

“Do you want to know more about Japanese family crests? Interested in Japanese mon and kamon? Use this affiliate link and buy this book about Japanese design motifs with more than 4000 examples. A great way to start your print-on-demand business.”

Another thing is marketing your products. Most often a successful seller has websites specifically to sell categories of products. Or a blog to attract traffic to your merchandise. The blog or website can also be used for advertisement, such as Google Adsense or sponsored links in the blog post itself.

Chosokabe Mon

Obviously my marketing is pitiful and I need to come up with a solution. This website is unfit for specifically marketing for instance Chosokabe Mon Zazzle merchandise. The website name and URL is not very interesting for this purpose. The design of the website is a bit old and not very suited for displaying product.

Therefor I was thinking to start a new website with a new URL, geared towards selling stuff on the internet. I’ll use a standard template, because I don’t want to waste time and energy in building a website. I just want to configure it. It’ll be only a small investment and a good experiment. It should be possible to create a steady income stream from the internet, so I’m not giving up yet.


Jolly Kitty and a cat bell

Some time ago I started to upload designers to Zazzle in the hope to sell them from my Zazzle store. No sale still and the main reason is that Zazzle is a numbers game, the more products you have in you store the more likely it is to make a sale. Of course quality also counts, but quality is time consuming. A bit of a “catch 22”, quality versus quantity. But I have to start somewhere and with practice comes perfection in my design. So my first new design is this the Jolly Kitty:

jolly kitty

It’s a cartoonish variation on the Jolly Roger. Whence Jolly Kitty. I think it’s a great idea but the execution isn’t all that good. One lesson I learned is that the black space between the white parts shouldn’t be so different in width. The stroke should be more harmoniously like in a proper cartoon, see for instance the teeth and the space in between. It is too smallish compared to the rest, but for now I’ll leave it at that.

“Of course these days the most famous jolly roger is the one of One Piece. One Piece is the hit Japanese anime series with the character Luffy who uses the iconic skull and bones with a straw hat. Click this affiliate link and I’ll get a small kickback to cover the costs of this website.”


Pop Art

Therefor the next design is a bit different. I took a leaf from the pop art book and tried to make the strokes more harmoniously. I think it’s a big improvement compared with first one.

A thing to keep in mind with Zazzle is how best to apply your design on Zazzle products as efficiently as possible. For instance create an image at least 1200 by 1200 pixels and allow it to be used for all sizes buttons. Also make a design for a square button (or magnet, or sticker etc.) separately if the design demands it. The result is that you quickly have covered all sizes and shapes of a product.

Besides that, I always tailor-make a design to a product, may it be a hat, bag or mug. Creating a design in a vector program like Inkscape is a big plus in this case. A vector drawing can be scaled and modified quite easily without loss of quality. The downside is you have to learn such software, which isn’t everybody’s cup of tea. At least I can have a bit of quantity without sacrificing quality to much.


Ottoman Patterns in my Zazzle store

After my first attempt to make an illustration and upload it to Zazzle, I was thinking about what would be nice for a line of products. I always had something in mind about patterns. In a bookshop I stumbled on a few books about patterns used in different cultures. And they contained CD’s with jpeg examples. A good start for me for improving my vector illustration skills. I wanted to convert the book examples into vector drawings in order to use the result for many sizes. First a mousepad with one of my Ottoman patterns.

ottoman patterns
Ottoman patterns

Also with a vector drawing it easy to change the color scheme, which I did a bit. A lot of Arab, Turkish, Egyptian patterns are ideal for this kind of merchandize. Now if somebody just buys some.

Update 2021. What’s the point on writing about how great my Turkish designs are if I don’t direct you to my store? This particular yellow, red and green pattern is one of my first and is dear to me. But in my store it doesn’t get many views. I think it needs some tender, love and care. This is the latest version on a mousepad. Please SEO God, help this poor link.

Vintage Red Yellow Ottoman Turkish Tulip Pattern M Mouse Pad
Vintage Red Yellow Ottoman Turkish Tulip Pattern M Mouse Pad
by freshpatterns