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  • Bootleg cigarette plant in the polder

    Bootleg cigarette plant in the polder

    A couple of weeks ago I noticed a news item about a bootleg cigarette plant in the polder. First I was a bit surprised, because who would make all that effort of setting up an illegal factory in one of the most regulated countries in the world. And then trying to sell a product which […]

  • Making money online with Zazzle Digital Homestead

    Making money online with Zazzle Digital Homestead

    Making money online with Digital Homestead. Yes, I’ve got a new website and it’s purely for commercial purposes. Getting a domain name and hosting isn’t difficult, but it took me about a week to make it look like a proper website. I used the twenty thirteen theme from the good people of WordPress. I don’t […]

  • Chosokabe Mon Zazzle merchandise in the store

    Chosokabe Mon Zazzle merchandise in the store

    I recently added some Chosokabe Mon Zazzle merchandise to my store with he help of the quick create facility of Zazzle. The reason is that I really want to put more products in the store and maybe create a bit more revenue. Quick create of Zazzle allows for the creation of a whole range of […]

  • Putting money where your mouth is

    Over the last year I did some writing about propping up your finances. Now, I’m not really a finance guru and my idea was only to write about my own experiences. Specifically about how to save money enough to last a lifetime, because if I want to witness that marvelous “space future” I’m in for […]

  • Taking Stock

    Taking stock and an important correction. So, how did I go last year. It’s been a strange year, 2010, a year ago I feared for my job and Euroland was heading for a meltdown. I still got my job, at least for 2011, and the Euro didn’t collapsed, yet. Money wise I saved like crazy […]

  • November Status Permanent Portfolio

    November status. Saving as if it’s going out of fashion. The total amount of my assets is going in the right direction, but the allocation is still very poor.   Amount Percentage Stock 6.41 5.78% Bonds 0.00 0.00% Cash 104.49 94.22% Gold 0.00 0.00% Total 110.90 100.00%

  • Going English…

    It’s been a while since my last post, so a quick update is in order. First things first, I’m changing from Dutch to English. Hopefully I’ll get a bigger audience, because last years I got very little response. Also there’s another reason. This year I started to blog a bit about financial issues, mainly about […]