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  • Alabama Pickers Covid Deaths

    Alabama Pickers Covid Deaths

    As a small business owner I like to follow a couple of other business owners on YouTube. Most of these entrepreneurs operate on the internet. Either in print-on-demand, selling their creations on Etsy or flipping stuff on Ebay. One of the people I follow were struck by some serious tragedy. Alabama Pickers is a married […]

  • Mars One way trip to Mars

    Recently Mars One got a lot of attention in the Dutch media, Arno Wielders did some television work and the organization got to do a radio interview. Started in May 2012, Mars One certainly had its fair share of time in the spotlights. Maybe I finally should write my thoughts about it. Well, what does […]

  • Neil Armstrong passed away

    Since I’m a bit involved in Explore Mars I got a somewhat closer to one of the first men walking on the moon, Buzz Aldrin. Well, probably as close I’ll ever get. Buzz is an advisor to Explore Mars. Still, it must be awesome to the American Explore Mars members to work with Buzz now […]

  • Steve Jobs died

    Never owned one piece of an Apple product, no hardware no software. Still, I’m very sad that Steve Jobs died last Wednesday. He was one of a very select group of people that changed, touched life’s of so many individuals across the world. Without him personal computing would have looked a lot different today and […]

  • Shortage of engineers

    Shortage on your mind? Recently my thoughts were wandering to the state of engineering in Holland these day. I do have a degree in mechanical engineering, though I’m working almost fourteen years in IT as a specialist. Now and then I get a bit nostalgic. Usually I google on “shortage of engineers”, a lament from […]