About us

This used to be a Dutch weblog called “Goddard’s droom”, but after years of blogging in Dutch I’ll do an experiment. Why not write in English?

All things space will remain the main stay of this blog, but I also shall digress to subjects as art, personal finance, a little bit of futurology, etc. Nevertheless, this “about us” changed much when I started this website many years ago.

Feet on the ground
The thing is, reading and writing about for instance manned space tends people to start to fantasize about pies in the sky. Which is fun, but more important is to figure out how to get your pie here on earth. I don’t want to get stuck dreaming about a far fetched space future. Anyway, it’s a subject I can easily write a post about if I’ve nothing else to tell.

Web Shop
By the way, if I figure out how, I’ll use this blog for a bit of e-commerce. Somehow it should be possible to turn this site in a web-shop, or at least direct visitors to my Zazzle web shop. I start getting sales there and I’m start getting a feel what works and what not. You’ll see blog posts about my failures and hopefully successes with my shop.