Space Merchandise for Space Travel Geeks

I’m always looking out for space merchandise, especially if it is well made. In our modern world you can buy an enormous amount of junk and trinkets, just look at the stores in you main street and see the plastic thrash everywhere. A webshop like Zazzle takes it a step further, billions of crappy designs are already shlepped onto a growing list of “useful” products. Are people rally buying that muck?

“Greenwood Space Travel Supply may not be in Business anymore, Amazon Prime certainly is. Go to Amazon and search for “space gifts”. Then you’ll be surprised by the selection of space merch. Left is just one example of many. If you need NASA merch, Amazon is your first stop.”

Sometimes a company wants to make a small amount of objects, do it well and put their heart and soul into it. Such a company is Greenwood Space Travel Supply Co. They make this for instance:

space merchandise

Their products are fun but can also be inspiring. And do “space products” not say; “Hey, I’m into science, rational thought and the future”? Well, at least they are my crowd. For me they inspire me to create better and more original designs and I’ll keep searching for these kind of businesses. And maybe I’ll start my own Space Merchandise business.

UPDATE 2021. As usual these kind of stores tend to close. Most likely Greenwood Space Travel Supply didn’t survive the Corona epidemic of 2020. They had a brick and mortar shop in Seattle and that is a costly liability in a Covid crisis.