Gene Expression quits (not yet)

A bit off topic, but after ten years blogging Gene Expression quits.

I have a few websites as bookmarks I regularly visit. One of them is a science blog called Gene Expression run by a guy called Razib. His posts are mainly about genetics, hereditary of genetic material and the effects of population movement on the genetic make-up of humans (and sometimes other creatures. No doubt this is a poor summary of his writings since I’m quite inept to understand most of his posts (they involve a lot of statistics about genetical traits and genes).

gene expression Razib

The beauty of his blog, besides being very informative about subjects I’m interested in, is that Razib kept a very short leash on his commenters. He ruthlessly punished any comments which reflected unfounded opinion or lack of solid scientific arguments. This not only kept the amount of comments in check, but also maintained high level of quality of the responses. He also refrained in turning is blog into a long rant on whatever political pet peeves he might have, a problem which makes so many blogs unreadable.

Gene Experssion

Though Razib is quite successful in keeping his personal life out of the website as much as possible, this doesn’t mean he hasn’t a life. In fact he recently became a father of a daughter and in his last blog post he mentioned an increase in personal obligations. Maintaining a good blog along a full-time job and family life must be very hard to do, especially if the blog is of such a high standard of Gene Expression

So that’s the end. I was hoping it was just an April fools day joke, but it would simply a too poor one to be true. It was fun reading his articles and I hope he’ll keep is website as an archive. I wish him good luck and I hope that one day they he’ll find the time again to write articles for the interwebs. And for all other, please visit his site and brows his articles.


As I feared, a poor April Fools Day joke. If you open up to your loyal public and lament your increasingly heavy obligations, they will tend to take it seriously. His articles may be of a high standard, his humor needs some honing. Anyway, gene expression quits, but not right now.