Ottoman Patterns in my Zazzle store

After my first attempt to make an illustration and upload it to Zazzle, I was thinking about what would be nice for a line of products. I always had something in mind about patterns. In a bookshop I stumbled on a few books about patterns used in different cultures. And they contained CD’s with jpeg examples. A good start for me for improving my vector illustration skills. I wanted to convert the book examples into vector drawings in order to use the result for many sizes. First a mousepad with one of my Ottoman patterns.

ottoman patterns
Ottoman patterns

Also with a vector drawing it easy to change the color scheme, which I did a bit. A lot of Arab, Turkish, Egyptian patterns are ideal for this kind of merchandize. Now if somebody just buys some.

Update 2021. What’s the point on writing about how great my Turkish designs are if I don’t direct you to my store? This particular yellow, red and green pattern is one of my first and is dear to me. But in my store it doesn’t get many views. I think it needs some tender, love and care. This is the latest version on a mousepad. Please SEO God, help this poor link.

Vintage Red Yellow Ottoman Turkish Tulip Pattern M Mouse Pad
Vintage Red Yellow Ottoman Turkish Tulip Pattern M Mouse Pad
by freshpatterns