Space Art

The Frontier Is Everywhere

I got this one via NRCNext. For those dreaming of a space civilisation, watch this one.


I do miss Carl Sagan.

Permanent Portfolio

Taking “Stock”

And an important correction. So, how did I go last year. It’s been a strange year, 2010, a year ago I feared for my job and Euroland was heading for a meltdown. I still got my job, at least for 2011, and the Euro didn’t collapsed, yet.

Money wise I saved like crazy and I was capable to make some gains. Unfortunately my spreadsheet contained a mistake by which my gains looked way too positive. I look of course to the real amount so I didn’t noticed. My fictive total amount in assets stood at 130 (I started at 100 December 1st 2009) and that was a little bit too steep. The last two moths witch corrected data look like this:

January 1st 2011

Amount Percentage
Stock 7.09 6.18%
Bonds 0.00 0.00%
Cash 103.12 89.81%
Gold 4.61 4.02%
Total 114.83 100.00%

December 1st 2010

Amount Percentage
Stock 6.42 5.79%
Bonds 0.00 0.00%
Cash 100.08 90.36%
Gold 4.26 3.84%
Total 110.76 100.00%

All in all, last year I increased my assets with more than 10% and I’m completely debt free. The amount is nicely going in a direction I’m aiming at. Also, I started buying commodity funds for my “Gold” asset class and in two months it did quite well. Resolutions for 2011, less Cash more funds.

Wrong data in previous will be corrected, by the way.