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Crochet Rocket

This is one of NASA’s better endeavours, “space crafting” with wool. Isn’t it cute?


If you’re artistic and know how to craft, you can enter a competition and get your creation on the last Shuttle flight. But hurry up, the deadline is the 2nd of November.

The competition is brought to you by NASA and Etsy, Etsy being an online social website for selling all things crafted. It’s funny to see a multi billion operation as NASA teaming up with the small scale cottage industry individuals of Etsy.

Maybe it’s a sign of the time, big government (and big corp for that matter) trying to get in touch with the “grass root” population. A population which is less and less charmed by big governments and big corporations. One way people expressing their feelings is by making their own products and selling these online with as little “middlemen” as possible.

Is this this new “maker” movement you keep hearing about?