Journey to the future

Your future journey in life is online and digital. And so is mine. Read about my experiences. Make your life future proof. I already did. My online shops helped. Look how I did it.

Hero Goddard

Our journey in life is increasingly online and digital. With that, everything tends to change at a still faster pace. Now and then stand still and take note where you are in relation to the world. Do you enjoy your current situation? Or do you feel the need to move on to greener pastures? And, most importantly, can you afford your new adventure?

Alabama Pickers Covid Deaths

As a small business owner I like to follow a couple of other business owners on YouTube. Most of these entrepreneurs operate on the internet. Either in print-on-demand, selling their creations on Etsy or flipping stuff on Ebay. One of the people I follow were struck by some serious tragedy. Alabama Pickers is a married…

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Plague update post

A plague update is in order. Yes, also in my part of the world Corona was crowned ruler. And at the date of this post, Covid-19 is making a small come-back. Again! But how has this affected me and this pathetically small website? I’s been a while since my last post, I intended to go…

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Bootleg cigarette plant in the polder

A couple of weeks ago I noticed a news item about a bootleg cigarette plant in the polder. First I was a bit surprised, because who would make all that effort of setting up an illegal factory in one of the most regulated countries in the world. And then trying to sell a product which…

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Making money online with Zazzle Digital Homestead

Making money online with Digital Homestead. Yes, I’ve got a new website and it’s purely for commercial purposes. Getting a domain name and hosting isn’t difficult, but it took me about a week to make it look like a proper website. I used the twenty thirteen theme from the good people of WordPress. I don’t…

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Chosokabe Mon Zazzle merchandise in the store

I recently added some Chosokabe Mon Zazzle merchandise to my store with he help of the quick create facility of Zazzle. The reason is that I really want to put more products in the store and maybe create a bit more revenue. Quick create of Zazzle allows for the creation of a whole range of…

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Overdue Permanent Portfolio report

It’s been a while already, I simply didn’t had the time and energy to blog. Sickness from colleagues, which combined, took well over five months and left me with little option then work, eat and sleep. We’re getting a bit to normal now and I think there is an Overdue Permanent Portfolio report somewhere. My…

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